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The Twin Falls area is growing and changing rapidly, but we’re grounded by the same can-do attitude of our area’s earliest pioneers.

We’re Magic

Twin Falls is located in the fertile Magic Valley, which got its name in the early 20th century. Milner and Minidoka dams fed into a series of canals that brought valuable irrigation water to the area, transforming the desert into incredibly productive farmland — which seemed, to our earliest settlers, like magic. Agriculture is still hugely important to us, and has been a key part of attracting food producers to the area.

We’re Growing

Our county population has increased more than 17 percent in the past 10 years, and we still have plenty of room to grow! Our low cost of living, easy access to outdoor recreation, and down-to-earth attitude have attracted new people and businesses from around the West and the country. We’re excited about the future.

We’re Adventurous

Twin Falls and its surrounding areas offer some of the best outdoor opportunities in the state. Whether you’d like to crash through Class V rapids, fish in clear rivers and reservoirs, go mountain biking, or even jump off a bridge, Twin Falls provides unbelievable access to Southern Idaho getaways.

We’re a Hub

When you do business in Twin Falls, you won’t just attract local customers — the city is a hub for South Central Idaho and Northern Nevada. Known as a one-stop shopping spot, Twin Falls businesses have easy access to a broad base of clients and the support of a thriving Chamber of Commerce.