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Area Attractions

Stunning scenery in every direction.

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Plunging canyons, roiling rivers, quiet fishing spots, inspiring vistas — Southern Idaho is full of scenic surprises.

Snake River Canyon.
This canyon, which creates the boundary line between Twin Falls and Jerome counties, is up to 500 feet deep in spots. Carved by an ancient, powerful flood, the canyon has become a source of recreation and renewal for Southern Idahoans. You’ll find some of the best views of it at the Twin Falls Visitor Center.

Shoshone Falls.
This amazing waterfall, located on the Snake River in the Snake River Canyon, is higher than Niagara. See it in peak form in the spring, before its water is diverted to power this area’s productive agriculture industry.

I.B. Perrine Bridge.
This four-lane truss bridge is named for the founding father of Twin Falls, a man who had a vision to bring water to the area and transform the desert into farmland. It looms 486 feet above the Snake River below.

BASE Jumping.
Twin Falls is one of (if not the only) place in the country where enthusiasts can BASE jump without a permit. Catch thrill seekers and daredevils as they launch of the Perrine Bridge.

Public Parks.
Cool off at Centennial Waterfront Park, take a dip at Dierkes Lake, or meander along the Rock Creek Canyon Parkway — Twin Falls offers more than two dozen parks for public enjoyment.

Gateway to Authentic Adventure.
Twin Falls is an ideal base camp for exploring the South Hills, City of Rocks, Snake River fishing and rafting, and endless camping opportunities. Learn more at visitsouthidaho.com or stop by the Twin Falls Visitor Center.